Shift 2 – Simply the best


Panorama of StadiumYou really do forget just how big the stadium really is, especially when you walk out onto the track again. But it’s hard to put it all into perspective when, once again, it was a morning shift and I was far from bright-eyed and bushy-tailed – these 4am starts and over two-hour drives were starting to take its toll…

Nevertheless, most of us had made it to check-in with time to spare (rather impressive for a Sunday morning) but the start of the transportation issues surfaced for a few unlucky team members. One of the women in our group may only live about 7 miles away from the stadium, but the joys of restricted tube services on Sundays meant that Tweet to Clare Baldingthe journey took 90 minutes instead. However, there was a silver lining to another commuter story and our trusty WhatsApp group played a role.

Another of our lovely ladies was stuck at Stratford International Tube Station and would miss the start of training before the session began. But the power of social media was amazing. Not only did she let us know so we could tell our Team Leaders, but she decided to also tweet Clare Balding whilst waiting: next thing you know, she’s being mentioned on Clare’s morning BBC 2 Radio show! Always good news when the volunteers are getting recognition!

You’d think that once you’d done a full session, you’d know exactly what to do for shift 2; how wrong were we all… The previous day had left us completely shattered and then, new starting block set-ups were being thrown at us. We would like to say that we took it all in our stride – in reality, most of us were stressing about putting the lane marker in the right place and wondering if our tired arms would be able to pick up the starting Cablingblocks without putting another part of our bodies out of alignment. And that’s before we even get to the cabling.

The cabling is Satan. It’s as simple as that. Trying to create a figure of 8 with cables that have kinks in them and are at least 10 metres long is difficult enough. But trying to do that as fast as the blocks coming back in and avoiding getting tangled up with the next lane’s cables is nigh on impossible. I’m a lefty as well, so for me, everything is backwards, so my brain is automatically screaming out at me saying I’m doing it wrong, but on the 100m start, there is one set of cables out of the 9 lanes where everyone else shares my pain!

What makes it even more confusing is that each race distance has a different way of clearing the track, and there are certain races that need different set-ups. For instance, the completely blind runners who have guides helping them round the track (T11) need to have the starting blocks alongside each other. Can you see the cogs turning in our brains?!

Starting Blocks TeamBut the training is doing us the world of good – the session was as smooth as we could have hoped for and we finally got to relax and enjoy some of the action up-close and personal. We got to witness the fastest Paralympian in the world, Ireland’s Jason Smyth, race in the heats of the 100m, watch Britain’s Aled Davies smash the Championship record in the F42 Discus and claim gold, and be a part of two different world records being obliterated. It was a magical morning for us volunteers.

Shift 2 selfieAnd it didn’t end there: we were all settling down after the session for our debrief and the feedback was incredible. The official timekeeping company for the Championships, Seiko, said that our team for the morning session were the best group of volunteers that they had seen in 30 years. We were simply the best. We are the dream team!


We’ve covered most of the bases by now – surely shift 3 would be a doddle?!


The Life and Times of a Technophobe

As many of you may be aware, I’m certainly not a technical goddess as much as I may try. So I wrote this article for work, showing to the other technophobes of the world that it is okay to not always get it right! Feel free to laugh, share, and comment your thoughts if you struggle with the same issues!

It’s always a nerve-wracking experience when you walk into a new job, especially when stepping into the jaws of an office full of women who will instantly judge you as a person just by what you’re wearing on your first day, and then proceed to tell everyone else who hasn’t met you yet about their perceptions of the ‘newbie’. Admittedly, not every office falls into this category (thankfully), but first impressions are the main concern  for someone who’s about to start a new career with a job title they can’t even define!

The first few hours and days in your new environment, you begin to understand how Bambi felt when tentatively stepping onto ice for the first time; you’re being dragged in so many different directions trying to keep up with the flow of the office and end up face-planting the 20-year-old, rarely-hoovered carpet. Perfect. But between attempting to memorise where every piece of stationery is carefully hidden and explaining to your boss for the fifth time, “I’m okay, I don’t need another plaster, the bleeding has stopped now,” you’ve yet to warn anyone your biggest phobia – technology.

You’re like the man in the Skittles advert who touches things and objects magically disappear when it comes to anything remotely technical. It’s the kiss of death – if you come into contact with electrical equipment and it doesn’t break, shut down or catch fire, it’s been a good day! However, explaining this fear to a colleague (or god forbid, someone in HR) sends shivers down your spine, especially after applying for an admin job and subtly misleading your employers on your CV saying you’re ‘competent in Microsoft Office.’ Surely it’s not lying, just bending the truth ever so slightly?

And it certainly isn’t helped being constantly surrounded by machines almost the same size as you, and hundreds of thousands of black cables knotted together that would even give someone from MENSA a headache to unravel, knowing that if you tugged or tripped on just one of these death traps, the whole building could be sent into an unwelcomed blackout for hours to come. It’s as if these robot-like automatrons are baiting you into making a mistake.

But you carry on attempting to understand the complexities of an Excel spreadsheet, and refuse to cave in to technical difficulties until you’ve exhausted all other possible options, including hitting the computer with the hammer you snuck into your desk drawer from your partner’s toolbox. Although, it gets to the point where you have no choice but to ring up someone from I.T support to help you find some important client documents you accidentally deleted from your boss’ file two days ago and haven’t yet been able to retrieve.

A few weeks pass, and you’re starting to settle into the normal 9-5 routine for the first time in years, so you decide to brave the printer and change the paper. But you got a little cocky, didn’t you? You inadvertently lean on one too many buttons and suddenly English isn’t the Canon’s first language anymore… It’s in German. Another trek with your head held down to Tech Support – you’re on a first name basis with almost all of the team, despite only calling for them in emergencies, and you’ve been there less than a month. That’s got to be a new record in the building.

However, you’re forgetting the bigger picture. Yes, you may not be the most technically-gifted person like the guys in the Apple Store, and you still might not fully grasp the concept of Microsoft Office despite numerous tutorials from almost every member of staff in the office, but you’re still here. The women who instantly judged you in those critical first seconds have now become drinking partners out of working hours, and the injuries sustained at work have dropped to just about an acceptable level for an overly-clumsy human being. But you’ve done it, you still have a job, despite setting the fire alarm off instead of turning the light switch off, forcing everyone in the building to frantically save their latest work and peg it outside knowing a practice drill wasn’t announced in the last newsletter.

These colleagues have taken you under their wing and haven’t kicked you out yet; you must be doing SOMETHING right…



Weekly struggles of a desk job

Latest article from work, I’m hoping this appeals to a lot of you!!


Head on desk

So every day of the week just feels like a struggle to anyone in an office environment; you’re stuck indoors, spending your entire day staring blankly at a computer screen. And then you hit the unmistakable stage of just seeing random letters of gobbledygook rather than actual sentences. But here’s hoping that this article will help you to make sense of it all.



It’s the first day back off the weekend and it’s just like every other Monday morning; you run to grab your usual fix of caffeine, only to find out there’s none left, and then proceed to yell at everyone for the next two hours because you just can’t cope without coffee. As lunchtime commences, you think back to the many glasses of wine you had Saturday night, and how useful those glasses would be right now (either to drink and forget some of the…

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And one flies the nest!

The latest article for work 🙂


untitled (9)

One of our family has taken a year-long sabbatical to follow her dreams. Becky, who has been working tirelessly at our company for the last few years, has flown the nest in Southampton to volunteer across the country.

Outside of work, her passion has always been dance. For the last 20 years, she’s done it all; from ballet to tap, to her newest style, street, but her love for the sport has never faded. Link that with her love for helping the younger generation and she’s in her element.

Helping out with Romsey Baptist Church for the last four years and teaching in various youth groupshas given her the boost to venture away from home for the first time, take part in the Youth For Christ (YFC) gap year and gain a qualification in youth work.

Her role in YFC combines performing and teaching dance classes, and talking to…

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The wonders of being a girl in the late 90s and early 00s

Anyone 30 or under can fully relate to this!!!

have you heard the latest

1. Hair Mascara. Slicking back that pony tail with the help of your trusty nit-comb so it was entirely bumpless remembering to leave two strands (center parted) hanging down either side of your face.  Then brushing orange mascara through one strand and purple mascara through the other. Dip dye, dip shmy…this was cool before it was cool.

2. Roll on glitter. Always applied to the face in a butterfly motion.

Roll-On Body Glitter

2. Handwritten notes. Passed to you best mate during maths and written in an assortment of glitter gel pens and decorated with stamp pens. You always opened with “How R U?”even though you knew she was just fine because, oh yeah, she was sitting next to you.


3. Skirt/Trouser Combos. Thanks to Steps and the like we LOVED this trend. Not just any old skirt thrown over trousers though. No you bought this as a complete item, a Skrouser if you will…

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Company profile is key

My employer is so lovely; he genuinely thought I’d taken this article from another blogger because he didn’t realise I knew something about accounting. If I’m honest though, it’s just everything that he’s taught me.
Hopefully you will enjoy it!


Whilst you may have the most successful idea for your company, if you don’t promote your business, no-one will know about it. It’s just like breakfast: it’s no good making toast if you have no butter in the fridge!

There are so many ways to expand your business and its profile in the wider community (some seem so simple, yet some forget to exploit them.) Most, if not all, are invaluable, but more importantly, completely free, ensuring your company can gain the recognition it deserves without breaking the bank.

Of course, it’s slightly easier with a larger team behind you, but even one-man corporations can succeed by raising the profile. It all depends on what kind of audience you are hoping to attract relative to the field you work in, but these are some handy, bite size ideas that can easily improve your credibility and make you stand out in…

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So, Social media’s booming more than ever


Social media has completely driven businesses and news corporations in the last five years, to the extent that everything you could possibly need is literally at the touch of a button. However, some people don’t yet know how to use social media to their own advantage.

Our accounting company is finally branching out into the realms of the internet and our business is thriving. Over the last two months, we’ve immersed ourselves in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as creating a mobile application which our clients can download.

Of course, it’s been a massive undertaking, and has driven some of us slightly insane, but we’re reaping the rewards of all the hard work now; it does prove that it can be done and is certainly beneficial to all companies – large or small.

The point of social media is to get the product out to the world (or at…

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Accounting doesn’t have to be confusing!

Welcome to my other blog for work. Anything that appears business-like on here is most likely from this account, but I still try my best to put a little bit of my style in!



So, this blog is a chance to show that anyone can understand the basics of accounting without actually knowing the jargon, and how to improve and expand your businesses. All of this is new to our company, but we’re hoping to do the same and help others with important tips from finances to fashion tips in the office!

It’s not always going to be a serious blog, where’s the fun in that? This is supposed to be a light-hearted way of getting people to gain a couple of business ideas whilst having a cup of tea and a  little giggle to themselves.

When we say you don’t have to know anything about how to look after your money, we mean it – the person writing these blog posts for us is a university student studying Sports Journalism! Her job is to break down the complicated stuff (that only accountants would understand) and…

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DES VARIOS RANTS AGAIN… Tales from South America and beyond.

How my uncle managed to get all the tickets for a ridiculous amount of World Cup games, I will never know, but I’m sat here silently weeping with jealousy…


The beginning.

We are six and a half. And to answer the inevitable first question, the half is Dave, who will be with us for only the first weeks of the World Cup in Brazil.

The World Cup in Brazil… More than two years of planning has come to this. Departure in a week to Rio for five weeks at the world’s greatest single sporting fiesta. A mouth watering prospect for football lovers. For the rest, doubtless a nightmare scenario.

Tickets and matches

The tickets are in the bag. In fact we have too many, if that is possible. The matches we have tickets for thus far are as follows:

13 June: Spain v Netherlands – Salvador
15 June: Argentina v Bosnia – Rio
18 June: Spain v Chile – Rio
19 June: England v Uruguay – São Paulo
22 June: Belgium v Russia – Rio
24 June: England v…

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6 Reasons Why Having a Boy Toy Rocks My World

Absolutely love this!!!

Single Girl Blogging

I realize it has been some time since I wrote anything about my life. I mean, sure, I’ve shared my opinion on a few matters, gave away some condoms and engaged in general bitching, but I haven’t said much about my dating or sex life in a spell. Today, that changes.

I have an important announcement to make. I have recently joined the ranks of superdivas Cher, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey — and I’m not even an über fierce, over-the-top gay icon. But I might be now. Because I, my friends,have a boy toy. A hot one.

jloboytoy Sorry, J. Lo, mine’s hotter.

Mind you, by no means did I go out prowling the local Dave & Buster’s all couged out and draping my leg over the Full Throttle Zombie Mania 4D machine. The boy came to me — on OkCupid of all places.


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